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3333 Regis Blvd.
Denver, CO 80221
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    Diversity at Regis

    多樣性 Diversity التنوع Diversidad גיוון Diversité Tính đa dạng 다양성

    Diversity often is a term tossed around with little thought to its meaning. But at Regis University, the term diversity is at the core of our faith-inspired commitment to build an inclusive community that values the dignity and contributions of all our members.

    At Regis, our differences should thrive in a learning environment characterized by the Jesuit traditions of mutual respect and the pursuit of justice. Respecting our human differences, whether they are physical or philosophical, is what diversity is all about. It is not necessary that we all believe the same thing, but we all must respect others? beliefs and opinions. Within Jesuit tradition, respect for self and others is critical. A learning community that embraces a diversity of thoughts and ideas benefits all of its members. The discovery and discussion of different viewpoints is what makes a university unique.

    Diversity Facts

    Regis University boasts a diverse student body - more than 20% are people of color; 65% are female; 43% are Catholic; 3% have a disability.

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